#BOITEAMUSIQUE is an artistic and musical projet conceived by artist Andrea Picci with the collaboration of musician-snowboarder Pat Burgener. The project took the form of a 24h performance during which Andrea and Pat closed themselves in a sealed space transformed into an ephemeral recording studio. Together they had to write, compose, arrange and record an exclusive song.

By accomplishing this rigorous performance, Andrea Picci and Pat Burgener wished to analyze, in a contextual meaning, various points relative to the music industry.

First, this performance allows the two artists, as the audience, to evaluate the importance of the creation instinct and musical spontaneity.

On another hand, an important part of the performance is about isolation. How important is the external world to inspire creation, and how can the absence of influences corrupt the creativity.

There’s also an experimentation of staging by the transparency of the space: is music appreciated because of the musicien who perform it, or is the musicien appreciated because of the music he performs? What is the relation between artists and audience, product and desire, willing and necessity? 

The song is now available on all digital platforms.