Andy Picci / Exhibitions

Andy Picci is an emerging artist based in Paris.

Andy Picci was born in 1989 and grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland. After studying photography atECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne), he moved to Paris (France) in order to complete a BA of Graphic Design and Visual Communication at ESAM (Ecole Supérieure de Arts Modernes). In 2013, motivated by a will of polyvalence, he moved to London and obtains a MA of Fine Arts in the prestigious Central Saint Martins UAL (University of Arts of London).

Since 2010, Andy had numerous exhibitions across the world. He had the honor to present his artworks next to the most influent artists such as Banksy,Damian Hirst, and even his iconic homonym Andy Warhol. Constantly exploring new art techniques, oscillating between music, video directing, painting, sculpture, audiovisual realization, art installation and, more recently, even performance, Andy Picci loves to break the boundaries, in order to create new shapes and meaning to the classic sense of art.

During the summer of 2015, one of his art projects created a buzz, as he impersonated Peter Dohertyand succeded being published on the cover of french newspaper Le Parisien instead of the infamous rockstar. Les Inrockuptibles noted that « impersonating a fake Doherty in a picture sold as real, the sosie (Andy Picci) joined an appropriationist art process in a Richard Prince’s style, questioning the construction of identity (hello Cindy Sherman) and tackled our society of the spectacle. »

October 2018 Atelier Basfroi Paris FR

October 2018 Comme Des Garçons Trading Museum Paris FR

June 2018 Galerie Joseph Paris FR

March 2018 Le Plongeoir Paris FR

November 2017 Galerie Roy Sfeir Paris FR

October 2017 La Biennale de Paname Paris FR

May 2017 Espace Saint-Martin Lausanne CH

April 2017 Le Salon Du Livre Genève CH

April 2017 Le Bourg Lausanne CH

January 2017 La Maison Sage Paris FR

October 2016 La Recyclerie Paris FR

June 2016 Hotel Renaissance Arc de Triomphe Paris FR

May 2016 Flon Art Lausanne CH

May 2016 Globus Lausanne CH

November 2015 Le Baron Paris FR

November 2015 L'Artelier Lausanne CH

June 2015 Artshop Lausanne CH

May 2015 CSM Degree Show London UK

March 2015 Bar Club ABC Lausanne CH

December 2014 Scope Art Miami Miami Beach USA

November 2014 CSM Art Auction London UK

August 2014 Quentin Veron’s Showroom Paris FR

July 2014 Lawrence Alkin Gallery London UK

April 2014 Springsioux Paris FR

March 2014 UPLA Paris FR

March 2014 Bargehouse London UK

October 2013 Hoxton Gallery London UK

June 2013 Doherty and Martin London UK

May 2013 ArtyShow Paris FR

January 2013 Maison Welcome Paris FR

February 2013 Le Tigre by l’Alternative Paris FR

December 2012 Proud Camden London UK

November 2012 Collectie Gallerie Paris FR

August 2012 Swiss Art Place Lausanne CH

June 2012 Gallerie L’inattendue Paris FR