The aim of #JESUISCHRIST  is to link idolatry and contemporary omnipresent narcissism. Everything starts with an holiday photography, which Andy Picci and Mike Wolf present here as a cult object, the same way you’d impose pictures of your entertaining life on social medias to people. 

The audience is then invited to walk in a basin, which is made of printed acrylic and filled up with water. The photography represented at the bottom of the structure is water, mirrored in order to reveal a skull silhouette. 

By walking on the water, and defying the Abyss, people unconsciously place themselves as idols, under the spotlight, in order to criticize the idol figure hanged on the wall. 

The installation also takes some of the internet most famous shapes, as the light-box is similar to a computer screen, the photography on the floor is square as pictures on Instagram are, and the video-projection on the right invokes Youtube.

Water is the main theme of the #JESUISCHRIST installation as the sea represents the level 0 of earth, separating the abyss from the sky, hell from paradise, bottom from top, celebrity from anonymity.