"The story is not so much a misunderstanding as a dizzying abyss layout. By coating the hallmarks of Doherty and not disabusing those who confuse him with Doherty, Picci turns himself into a doppelgänger and exploded the star system's codes.

What is Doherty if not a set of iconic signs engraved in the collective unconscious? By embodying a false Doherty on a photograph presented as a true one, the döppelganger joined an appropriationist art process in a Richard Prince’s style, questioning the construction of identity (hello Cindy Sherman) and tackled our society of the spectacle. "I met him several times but never mentioned the alleged likeness", he has told the InRocks.com.

Perhaps because the only resemblance is in the media construction."

Carole Boinet for Les inRocKuptibles